In plain simple english

Last updated: May 17, 2021



Privacy is a right. Not something that’s gone out of fashion.

1. Data Collection

We never collect any personal data, identity information, location information or anything deemed of a private nature. We may leverage product usage information, troubleshooting logs or other anonymous data that can help us improve our products - but only our products.

2. Data Usage

Any data we have access to is not sold or passed on to third parties. We do not subscribe to the “customers are the product” philosophy.

3. Security

We take product and data security very seriously. We have extensive knowledge in the field of security. For example, we do not blindly import third party frameworks into our code base. We must understand what every single line of code does before it enters a product.

4. Advertising

We do not generate revenue through advertising. Therefore we do not attempt to track where users go or have been on the internet. For example, our website has cookies turned off by default.