Decipher Numbers

Gentle introduction to numbers for toddlers

Product Details

  • What : IOS App
  • Aim : Understand numbers
  • Why : Not an innate ability
  • Multilingual : Yes (many languages)
  • Screen time : Short durations
  • Parent interaction : Designed to encourage it
  • Age : 18 months +
  • Where : Apple app store
  • Device support : iPad, iPhone
  • Last update : 2021

Puzzles parents, fascinates toddlers

Parents will know that what makes sense to young kids sometimes does not make sense to us. This app may fell like that at first. What’s the point of it? Why does a toddler finds it so interesting?

Firstly, kids love to learn (thanks captain obvious). So that is the main thing to keep in mind. Second, numbers are everywhere around us. Kids will quickly recognise that pattern. It tells them that numbers are important. Therefore they will naturally want to make sense of them. It does not mean they are math whiz; just curious kids looking to demistify and understand. Onwards and upwards…

It is worth pointing out that the app does not leverage any psychological tricks and gamification features to addict kids and extend their screen time. There is nothing to win except knowledge. In fact - perhaps counter-intuitively - it is designed so they get bored quickly but come to it when they feel the need to. The learning will come from the repetition of short intereactions.

We want to equip toddlers (who may not even speak yet) with a tool that helps them make sense of the world. Throw in a simple but fun user interface, great multilingual support, and the promise of some non-conflictual parent interaction, and then you can start understanding why it just works. In the end, everyone gets something out it. Well, at least the toddler gets a share of that mobile device her parent has been staring at so intently 😇

How can parents help?

Lead with simple questions such as “What is the number on that bus?”, “How do you pronounce the number on the front of that house?”, “What number do I get if I add two to it?”, … Let the kid do the rest. As they use the app for self help and give the right answer, they build sense of achievement. Knowledge can be fun, and some tools are valuable.

Multiple languages

Do you live in a multilingual household? Great, enable the languages of your choice in the app settings. Kids will be able to easily switch between them when using the app.