Digital music notebook

Product Details

  • What : IOS App
  • Aim : Music studio management
  • Multilingual : Yes (english only initially)
  • Screen time : Negligeable.
  • Age : 4+
  • Where : Apple app store (soon)
  • Device support : iPad, iPhone, and more soon
  • Last update : 2022

Your humble music notebook, with a few extras…

Teachers manage students effectively

Managing a pool of student is a challenging task. Teacher will appreciate how much simpler that task becomes using MiLaDo. Whether your students prefer online and secure interactions through an app, or whether they would rather not use technology at all, MiLaDo has a solution. The result will be greater satisfaction for you, and your customers investing in musical education.

Students feel enabled

For students, MiLaDo is akin to a modern interactive music notebook. Teachers submit lessons material and practice instructions, and students can share progress or ask for help as they progress through the assignments. It is possible to submit practice recordings as audio or video that the teacher can annotate to provide effective feedback. Students are also able to add custom study tasks to a lesson, build a repertoire of tunes they have mastered, and more. Studying music is more effective and rewarding with MiLaDo.

Parents are kept informed and engaged

Parents will appreciate knowing what is being done in music lessons. With MiLaDo it is easy to keep on top of it, even with multiple kids and several teachers per kid. Parents can decide to either passively observe the teacher/student interaction, or more actively participate in their kids musical journey. With the parents app, it is even possible to act as the teacher for up to three kids if that is a skill you possess. Lastly, parents will love that the MiLaDo student app was designed to not be addictive or become a distraction, but instead to purposedly minimise screen time whilst maximising practice time. MiLaDo helps build good habits for practicing musicians.